There is a War

There is a War by Tom Basden • 22-24 June 2013 • directed by Jennifer Tang

There is a War by Tom Basden, is a black comedy about Anne, an army doctor, who struggles to find not only the hospital that she is supposed to be working at, but the entire war itself. Coming across a minister, some old friends, and a violent army camp general, Anne begins to question her own purpose and the purpose of the war movement in general.


Anne Laura Menendez Sasha Emma Fayter / Carla Suthren Martin Michael Richardson Col. Huggins / Becky / One Claire Gordon Father Michael / Nurse Mostmen Andy Straw Brandon / Griff Pedro Marques John / Murray Ricky Sullivan Dean Jermaine Nwosu / Libby Morrison Stewart de Lune / Andy Dog Chris Houckman-West Big Dave Lesley Young Iverson / Gordon / Two Bill Keenan Lucy / Dr. Moore Michelle Sansom Kate Anna Nguyen Oliver / Three Andy Dmitricenko Four Albert Lechley Field Commander Goodman / Five Navin Agarwal Joy / Dr. Holmes Katie Ruskin Cleo Libby Morrison

Production team

Director Jennifer Tang Assistant directors David Grindley & Carla Suthren Producer Michael Richardson Lighting designer Andy Straw  Sound designer Chris Houckman-West Costume designer Michelle Sansom Stage managers Claudia Caldu & Katie Ruskin Lighting assistants Jermaine Nwosu & Claire Gordon Set designer Pedro Marques Marketing assistants Ana Nguyen & Libby Morrison Sound assistant Ricky Sullivan Production assistants Rachel Abrams, Nicholas Cook, Mary Hebberd & Jamie Sansom

Director’s Notes

When the WorkSpace Productions company expressed a desire for a play that had important themes at its heart but which was still entertaining, I immediately thought of Tom Basden’s play There is a War. Dealing with the complexities and futility of a political war through a veil of humor and comedy, this seemed like the perfect play for the company to tackle. Fortunately, they thought so too.

Through the eyes of Anne, a young army doctor, we are introduced to a whole host of characters whose lives have become entangled in a vicious war between the Blues and the Greys. The absurd, surreal, and bizarre world that we encounter will seem familiar to us, but somehow, it is also a strange world – where the morals and value systems of the characters have been turned upside down and we are asked to question what is to be human.

As I am quickly learning, the WorkSpace Productions company are a truly inspiring group to work with. Inquisitive, insightful, committed and passionate, they care deeply about their work and making their work accessible, heartfelt and entertaining for their audiences. After watching this production I hope that you’ll agree that in this, they have been truly successful.