The Trial

The Trial by Steven Berkoff • 19-21 January 2014 • directed by Adam Hemming

Someone must have been lying about Joseph K. For without having done anything wrong… He was arrested one fine morning.

Published by Max Brod in 1925 as one of Franz Kafka’s unfinished novels, ‘The Trial’ tells the story of Joseph K, a senior bank clerk who on his 30th birthday is suddenly arrested for a nameless crime. He is told neither what he has done to warrant the arrest, nor who has accused him. According to his arresters, it is simply enough that they have been ordered to arrest him; this alone is surely proof of his guilt! Steven Berkoff’s stage adaption launches from this point into Joseph K’s frustrating search for truth, for an explanation of what he possibly could have done, for some restoration of normality. At every turn his quest to prove his innocence seems to meet a dead-end; will he ever get to the heart of the faceless bureaucracy of The Law? Workspace Productions, The Space’s ’home-grown talent’, presents a fast-paced, ensemble-delivered and darkly humorous look into K’s unsettling crusade for justice. WorkSpace Productions is an amateur theatre company.


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