Frankenstein by Adam Hemming • 11-13 October 2012 • directed by Donna Bamford

Day one in Frankenstein´s lab. We have created a monster! Whether you conceive this to be technology, media or war, we all battle the monsters within ourselves.

WorkSpace Productions proudly present Frankenstein, a modern interpretation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. Newly adapted for stage by Adam Hemming, Artistic Director at the Space, this modern day retelling sets out to explore the fantasies, desires and dangers we all live out in creating ‘life’ – within ourselves, our environments, our friends, enemies, the media and beyond – partaking in acts of fiction, falsehoods and the makings of our own modern day monsters. Set inside the Big Brother house, expect to meet Victor, in all his forms, and relish in his ascent and downfall from inside this claustrophobic 21st Century science lab.


Adapted by Adam Hemming / Directed by Donna Bamford / Assistant Director David Grindley / Producer Chris Houckham-West / Production Assistants Michael Manley, Lindsay Butkus, & Christen Perez / Set Design Emma Fayter / Costumes Michelle Sansom / Sound Design Michael Richardson, Pedro Marques and Keri Chesser / Lighting Design Andy Straw / Props Kieran Rogers


Laisa Alves / Donna Bamford / Emma Fayter / David Grindley / Adam Hemming / Chris Houckham-West / Farid Iberraken / Laura Menendez / Pedro Marques / Michael Richardson / Kieran Rogers / Steven Shawcroft / Andy Straw


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