Death & The Virtuous Burglar

Death The Virtuous Burglar by Woody Allen & Dario Fo • 21-23 February 2013 • directed by Jennifer Tang & Adam Hemming


With a homicidal maniac on the loose, everyone has a part to play in his capture. As the town turns vigilante, it’s crucial they stick to the plan. With just one problem… What exactly is the plan? Woody Allen’s absurdist comedy takes you through dark alleys and darker plot twists in a bid to catch his mysterious killer.

The Virtuous Burglar

It’s just another day at the office for Angelo Tornati, house burglar extraordinaire. That’s until the owner arrives, eager to spend some time alone with his lover. Further complications arise when the owner’s wife returns home unexpectedly. In a room full of secrets and the most dubious of hiding places, the last thing our burglar needs is trouble from his missus. This comical take on morals and marriage is one of Dario Fo’s most famous and much-loved farces.

Cast Death

Kleinman Steven Shawcroft Al Pedro Marques Sam Yuto Ota Hacker / Maniac Andy Straw John Albert Lechley Victor / Cop Michael Richardson Anna / Assistant Michelle Sansom Doctor / Abe Chris Houckham-West Gina / Bill Margo Remneva Man / Frank Laura Menendez Don Farrid Iberraken Henry Donna Bamford Spiro Emma Fayter

Cast The Virtuous Burglar

Burglar Farrid Iberraken Burglar’s Wife Laura Menendez Woman Donna Bamford Man Navin Agarwal Anna Emma Fayter Antonio Pedro Marques Second Burglar Michael Richardson