Ono, Russians, and Going Commando – Late Bloom festival

The Space has asked some of London’s playwrights to scribe a ‘writer’s response’ to the Crossrail Roof Gardens – short five to ten minute scenes to be performed during the Late Bloom Festival. Workspace Productions have selected three of the pieces written in response to the Roof Garden. They are Ono, Russians, and Going Commando. Performances are Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August, 7pm.

Planet Three is currently considered to be undergoing the first stages of a mass extinction event, and since its dominate form of life appears to consist primarily of insects and other larger creatures of fairly limited intelligence, it is therefore deemed by us to be at present of little or no cultural relevance.

Cold. I feel as cold as ice. I see you, and… it’s not the same anymore. I can’t say how it happened. I can’t say. I can’t say. It’s crazy, isn’t it? I must admit that when I met you, I thought… for days… I thought you might be someone. Someone important. To me.

Going Commando
Why’s it always me who has to make the first move? I thought in this brave new equality-of-the-sexes world we were both responsible for deciding not to have sex.